Mercedes-Benz A-Class


Interior revolution.

The interior of the A-Class is a completely new departure, and revolutionises the compact class from the inside with a new feeling of spaciousness. The unique architecture is particularly marked by the avantgarde design of the dashboard. For the first time a cowl above the cockpit has been completely dispensed with. As a result, the wing-shaped main body of the dashboard extends from one front door to the other with no visual discontinuity. The standard widescreen cockpit is completely free-standing. The sporty air vents in a turbine-look are another highlight. The front seats have comfort features available from higher segments, including seat climate control, massage function and multicontour seat. The newly designed 3-spoke steering wheel, door handles, centre console and seats follow a modern design idiom.

Inspired by aviation.

Thanks to the omission of a cockpit cowl, the main body of the dashboard with its trim extends from one front door to the other behind the seemingly free-floating widescreen. The trim elements are in a "wrap-around" design, and the choice of materials (e.g. open-pore wood) underlines the progressive, modern positioning as the top interior in this class. The five round air vents have a new turbine look inspired by the world of aviation. Finely designed air vanes in a concentric arrangement create the impression of a jet aircraft turbine. In one equipment line the vent surround is colour-accentuated at the depth of the vent geometry, giving the impression of an afterburner. The air vents in the middle are driver-oriented, accentuating the sportiness of the interior.

Better all-round visibility for added safety and comfort.

Much detailed effort has also gone into the improved all-round visibility. The risk of overlooking vehicles or pedestrians when turning off, changing lane or parking has been significantly reduced. All in all, the obscured area has been reduced by 10 percent compared to the preceding model. This was principally achieved by specifically slimming down the A, B and C-pillars and their claddings. Improved visibility is also assured by positioning the exterior mirrors on the door outer panel rather than in the mirror triangle. A good view to the rear is ensured by the new rear window wiper. For a larger wiped area, the housing of the roof spoiler has an inner recess to create space for the longer wiper blade.

Practical centre console.

The stowage concept is equally practical: the oddments tray in the centre console ahead of the shift or DCT lever has been significantly enlarged to accommodate items such as a smartphone, wallet, keys or a garage door opener. A cup holder on the centre tunnel for mugs, cans and bottles up to 0.5 litres is a new standard feature. The cup holder insert is removable, making a further stowage space available. The owner's manual is smaller in size, and is accommodated in a separate flap in the glove compartment.



Free-floating widescreen.

The interior architecture and the control & display systems of the new A-Class are a USP in this segment. The dashboard is divided into two three-dimensional, horizontal sections: the lower section is visually separated from the main body of the dashboard by a "trench", and it appears to float in front of the dashboard. The optional ambience lighting enhances this effect, accentuating the free-floating impression of the substructure. The lower section of the dashboard provides the basis for the turbine-look air vents and the completely free-standing widescreen display.


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