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Expert Mercedes-Benz Servicing at Autobahn Motors

Have you been hearing a weird noise coming from your engine? Maybe your Mercedes-Benz has reached its next routine maintenance mileage number, but you don't want to go back to that generic old body shop you used to go to. You'll be making the right decision by placing your trust in the luxury service experience of repair and maintenance with Autobahn Motors. We're the Bay Area's go-to for all things Mercedes-Benz service and parts. Start doing business with us today.

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Take Charge of Your Bay Area Service with Our Mercedes-Benz Mobile Service Van

Looking for a new way to take care of essential Mercedes-Benz service? There's a simple solution to your needs if you're looking for an option that doesn't require you to come into the dealership. With the Mercedes-Benz Mobile Service Van, you can score top-tier luxury service from our expert technicians right at your door. Learn more about this exclusive service opportunity today with your Bay Area dealership Autobahn Motors.

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How to Change a Flat Tire

Few things can ruin a trip quicker than having a flat tire while driving. It may not take that long to change a flat, but it can cause an inconvenience. We at Autobahn Motors are happy to change your tire when called and also offer a wide selection of tires for sale in Belmont, CA.

If you suddenly find yourself with a flat tire and need to change it yourself, here are some important steps to remember:

  • Safely park on the side of the road and engage the emergency brake.
  • Get out the jack, tools and spare tire.
  • Loosen the…
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Are Your Car Tires Worn-Out or Dangerous?

It might not be obvious to you right now how dangerous tire wear can be, but if you ever have to stop short to avoid an accident, you will be glad that your car tires have enough tread to grip the road. Here are a few things to consider concerning tire wear, prepared for you by the Autobahn Motors team.

Take a closer look at the treads on the tire. There should be no worn spots, which can be a result of not having the tires rotated on a regular basis. 

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