The Easy Way to Jump-Start a Vehicle with Cables

Before you can safely jump-start a car with another vehicle, you'll need to get the noses of the two vehicles as close to one another as possible. Be sure the lights and engine are off, then open both hoods. The jumper cables have two red clamps and two black clamps. Start by placing one red to the positive side of the good battery, then the other red to the bad battery positive side.

Take one of the black clamps of the jumper cables, place on the negative side of the good battery. The last black clamp goes to the bare metal surface on the car getting the jump-start. Crank over the car with the good battery, rev the engine a couple times during a two-minute span, then try to start the other car.

Once the car starts, remove the jumper cables in the opposite order. Bring the car right to our auto service bays in Belmont and we'll inspect the issue further.

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