How to Change a Flat Tire

Few things can ruin a trip quicker than having a flat tire while driving. It may not take that long to change a flat, but it can cause an inconvenience. We at Autobahn Motors are happy to change your tire when called and also offer a wide selection of tires for sale in Belmont, CA.

If you suddenly find yourself with a flat tire and need to change it yourself, here are some important steps to remember:

  • Safely park on the side of the road and engage the emergency brake.
  • Get out the jack, tools and spare tire.
  • Loosen the lug nuts.
  • Jack up the car.
  • Remove lug nuts and wheel.
  • Remove flat tire and replace with new tire.
  • Tighten nuts and lower car.
  • Finish tightening up the nuts.

Even if you've managed to replace your flat tire on your own, it's important to have your tires and wheels serviced as soon as possible. Stop at our Belmont shop and have our technicians check out your vehicle or provide any other services you may need.

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