Keep a Clean Air Filter for Your Car's Health

Air is an important component in your vehicle's function, as well as in the comfort of driving your car. It plays a part in your vehicle's climate control system and engine performance. To keep both functioning at optimal levels requires making sure that your vehicle's cabin air filter and engine air filter are replaced regularly. You can find replacement air filters at our auto parts shop in Belmont, CA.

Your vehicle's cabin air filter improves the interior air quality by blocking and removing dust, mold, pollen and other airborne particles. How often these filters require changing depends on driving habits and environments. The engine air filter, like the cabin air filter, is designed to keep dust and dirt out of the engine. If this filter becomes too dirty or clogged, it can reduce engine performance.

Come visit the service center at Autobahn Motors Mercedes-Benz to have your vehicle's air filters routinely checked and replaced. We will make sure that both you and your vehicle are breathing healthy, clean air.

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