The Ignition Is Vital for Starting the Engine

When your vehicle refuses to start, you may believe that the battery is the problem. However, if it turns out the battery is not the issue, the ignition system may be to blame. The ignition system is responsible for starting the vehicle, and if it isn't functioning properly, the engine will not turn over.

A warning sign that it could be the starter in trouble can be a grinding noise when you turn the key in the ignition. This means the starter drive gear is not engaging correctly. Another warning sign can be smoke emissions when you are attempting to start the car, which can indicate that the starter is receiving too much power. If you see smoke, you need to have the vehicle serviced.

If you are experiencing problems starting your vehicle, bring it in to the auto service shop at Autobahn Motors, and we can check the vehicle for ignition issues. We will be glad to provide all your service needs.

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