What is the Difference Between a RWD and FWD Vehicle?

Do you know the differences between front-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive cars? At Autobahn Motors, we want to help you make the best decision when buying a new car, and you can do that with a little automotive knowledge.

In rear-wheel-drive cars, power from the engine is sent to the solid rear axle. Rear-wheel-drive cars tend to be better balanced and have better handling. The biggest disadvantage of rear-wheel-drive vehicles is that they have poor traction in rain and snow.

Unlike rear-wheel-drive, power is delivered to the front, split axle in front-wheel-drive cars. The weight of the engine gives the vehicle better traction. If you think you'll be driving in inclement weather conditions often, a front-wheel-drive vehicle may be a good choice. However, because the front axle is responsible for power and steering, front-wheel-drive cars tend to have worse handling than rear-wheel-drive.

If you want to know more about front-wheel-drive vs rear-wheel-drive, our new car sales team at Autobahn Motors in Belmont, CA can answer your questions.

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